Patotsav Anniversary Celebrations

Sunday, 14 May 2023   8:30 AM Sunday, 21 May 2023   8:30 AM

Come and join us in celebrating our anniversary at Dharma Bhakti Manor. We will be holding a katha (scripture recital) on Satsangi Jeevan.

This event will be broadcasted live during katha times mentioned.
  • Pothi yatra
    Sunday 14th May @ 6.30pm
  • Katha timings
    Every morning 9am - 11am
    Tues - Fri evening 7pm - 9pm
    Monday & Saturday evening 5pm - 7pm
  • Maha Abhishek
    Tuesday 16th May @ 8am
  • Saturday 20th May
    Sukomevo Rajoupchaar
    from 10.30am, followed by BBQ at 12noon
    If anyone would like to donate Suko Mevo. (Badam kaju Draksh dried apricots etc) please give it to the library
    5pm Aarti, Katha, Raas Utsav
  • Maha Prashad
    Sunday(am) after Katha